Be careful of what you offer


I had a lot of time to reflect on Monday as we drove 10 hours through the grasslands of America between Wichita and Houston. 

I thought about the phrase “I’d give my right arm to…” 

I wondered if I’d ever made that offer to the Universe. Have I ever said out loud:

“I’d give my right arm to…

have someone else make supper for me every night of the week 

be showered with visits, beautiful greeting cards, and comfort gifts like fuzzy slippers, personalized fleece blanket, lavender oil, chamomile tea, satiny pajamas, etc. 

have a personal helper who lovingly waits on me hand and foot

be able to eat anything I want, whenever I want, without guilt

fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow

have all my children and grandchildren come home to see me 

have a wonderful friend who comes to my home to massage my swollen hand and arm. She should be not only a skilled masseuse but also an insightful conversationalist.

take a magic pill that erases my pain without worrying about side effects

share a relationship with Tom that is always gentle and loving, even at times of extreme stress 

feel the presence of the Divine through an overwhelming outpouring of love and concern from countless people from all parts of the world who are praying for my health and comfort 

Maybe the Universe grew weary of hearing these offers and decided to take me up on them. Because every one has been fulfilled.